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How Hospitality Can Help the Environment
Diane Cudworth, ISHP - Benjamin-West


Our eco-friendly options continue to grow.  When evaluating ways you can continue to help the environment, some considerations:

  • LEED and the USGBC not only provide information about obtaining LEED certification, but also provide ideas and resources for eco-friendly opportunities.
  • Linens and terry made from eucalyptus or cotton tend to be very eco-friendly.  Some may even result in shorter dry times for laundering.  Our OS&E team can help you find out more.
  • If you are able to capture and store rain water, decorative rain barrels may be a great resource for your landscaping needs.
  • Local Resources: We are finding more manufacturers/suppliers are becoming more competitively priced.  Depending on the manufacturer’s resources, local resources may also result in an overall lower carbon footprint. 
  • Recycling opportunities continue to grow.  More and more FF&E and OS&E items can be recycled at renovation, and as part of daily recycling routines.  As more people recycle home products, they will likely to participate in hotel recycling programs.
  • Did you know recycled plastics are used to help manufacture carpet, fabric, amenity containers, and other hotel products?
  • Have you considered refinishing or reupholstering your furnishings?  Are you using recyclable materials?  Your design team can help specify and we can help you source/purchase fabrics, leathers, vinyl upholstery and latex foam which can often be recycled and not toxic for the environment.  Think of what this might do for your indoor air quality, too.
  • Wallcoverings and their installation are changing.  Several wallcovering mills now offer different options for recyclable materials and programs, different/no backings, and adhesives which are better for the earth while still great products for hotels.  Your interior design team can help to specify product to achieve your goals.
  • Can’t recycle?  Can the item(s) be re-used?  Gifts In Kind International is a non-profit organization which can help hotels provide re-use opportunities for renovated FF&E.

Thank you to those providing information and ideas!

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