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The name of this organization shall be "International Society of Hospitality Purchasers, Inc."


The Society is founded as a society of professional purchasing individuals dedicated to the advancement of the hospitality industry. The mission of the Society is to advance the profession of purchasing within the hospitality industry by enhancing the quality of services provided to clients, by influencing related industries and by providing a vehicle for recognition of its members. To this end, the Society:

  1. Promotes high standards in the conduct of hospitality purchasing as evidenced by the Society's Code of Professional Conduct.
  2. Serves as a support body for the profession.
  3. Serves as a resource of special skills and expertise.
  4. Anticipates and responds to present and future needs and uses within the hospitality industry.


  1. Classes of Membership
    1. The Society shall be composed of individuals, not organizations.
    2. Four (4) classes of membership shall be established: Member, Associate Member, Affiliate Member and Honorary Member. All Members classes except Affiliate Members shall have equal privilege except that Affiliate Members do not have voting rights.
    3. Admission to membership shall be through the Membership Committee and according to criteria and procedures established by the Membership Committee and approved by the Board from time to time.
    4. Individuals who continue to meet the requirements for each class of membership and have been voted into membership shall have equal rights as set forth below by member class.

  2. Members
    1. Candidates for membership shall be individuals only, not organizations, corporations or groups and will apply through invitation only.
    2. An invitation for membership shall be by written form, which form shall include not less than a signed agreement to abide by the Code of Professional Conduct and such professional and character references and other professional and personal information as the Membership Committee shall from time to time require.
    3. Each candidate shall be sponsored by one (1) active Member acquainted with the work and reputation of the candidate.
    4. Each sponsor shall submit in writing the specific reasons why he/she is recommending the individual as a candidate for membership.
    5. Sponsors of a candidate are excluded from being on the Membership Screening subcommittee for that candidate.
    6. The Membership Committee, through its screening sub-committee, shall
      1. Check references and conduct a personal interview with the candidate.
      2. Review three (3) specific assignments undertaken in the past five (5) years.
      3. The Board directs the Membership Committee to submit all screened candidates to the Board for approval prior to submission of the candidacy to the membership for vote. Board approval shall require an 80 percent vote of the Board quorum.
    7. Admission shall be an 80 percent vote of a membership quorum.
    8. Criteria for admission as a Member should include, but not be limited to:
      1. Practicing hospitality purchasing for five (5) consecutive years immediately preceding invitation or three (3) consecutive years if candidate has 15 years hospitality experience.
      2. Sale of a service as opposed to a product.
      3. Service to a minimum of five (5) clients within the past twelve (12) months immediately preceding the invitation.
      4. Member is an owner, officer (director level or above), partner or principal or his/her company
      5. Associate Member is an employee of a firm who meets all the same qualifications described above and whose firm has at least one (1) full Member.
      6. Demonstrated competence in the field as defined by the Board from time to time;
      7. "Practicing hospitality purchasing agent" means an individual who is fully professionally occupied in the provision of hospitality purchasing;
      8. Qualification may be waived by the Board for candidates who are full-time faculty, holding full Professor standing, at an accredited four (4) year institution of higher learning and who teach hospitality related courses; or those who have committed themselves to hospitality purchasing over their professional lifetime.
    9. From time to time the Board may limit the number of candidates approved for membership on an annual basis.
    10. All candidates for membership are recommended to attend a meeting prior to approval as a Member.
    11. Members shall have rights to participate in and vote at all regular and special meetings of the Society and shall be eligible for board or officer positions of the Society except Affiliate Members shall not have voting rights and may not be eligible for board or officer positions.
    12. The persons identified in Appendix A shall have the right to use the designation "Charter Member" in professional endeavors.

  3. Honorary Members
    1. Honorary membership shall be vote of majority of the Members to extend an invitation to such persons that the Board of Directors has deemed to be in the best interest of the Society for such persons' contribution to the hospitality industry or the hospitality purchasing profession.
    2. Honorary membership election shall be for life, unless otherwise so determined by the Board.
    3. There shall be no more than five (5) Honorary Members at any time, unless the Members by majority vote shall indicate otherwise.

  4. Retention of Membership
  5. An individual shall retain membership by the timely paying of dues, continuing as a practicing hospitality purchasing agent, as defined in B-8,f, above, and by remaining in compliance with the criteria appropriate to the individual's class of membership as such criteria are from time to time established by the Board.

  6. Reinstatement of Membershipp
    1. A Member who has voluntary terminated membership may reapply for membership and may be readmitted on a three-fourths (3/4) vote of the Board excluding other membership application processes.
    2. A Member of any class whose membership has been involuntarily terminated for cause may reapply for membership of that class following two (2) years and unanimous vote of the Board.


Annual membership dues shall be such amount as determined by the Board from time to time. There shall be no dues for Honorary Members. Dues are payable on January 1 for the upcoming year, dues past due sixty (60) days shall constitute failure to meet the criteria for membership. Candidates for membership shall pay a candidacy fee, to be established by the Board from time to time, to cover the cost of the initiation process.